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easy rider phong nha to sai gon

( from $ 1000.00 per adult )

$ 1200.00 save $200.00

Have you ever dreamed of travelling to untouched regions in Vietnam where you’re able to marvel at the beauty of mountains, waterfalls, and lakes, and where you get a deep impression of Vietnam's history and rural life of the local cultures? Then come and ride with us on this 14-day Easy Rider Tour from Phong Nha to Saigon! We start in this small town located on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Riding South, we wind our way along the famous Ho Chi Minh Trail, along the border between Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Through the beautiful Central Highlands, we make our way to Dalat (a truly magnificent mountain town in the South of Vietnam), before riding along the scenic coastal roads to get to Saigon. Make sure you don't forget to bring enough memory cards for your camera because there’s just so much vast and unique beauty that mother nature offers us on this trip.



AGE : 5 - 65













What's Included

  • Motorcycle and Driver(guide),Fuel,Helmet,...

  • Entrance fee

  • Accomodation

  • Raincoast

What's Not Included

  • Food and Drinks

  • Tips

  • Personal Expenses

Departure Location

  • Traveller pickup is offered.p

  • Provide detailed address of guest's location. Guide will come to pick guest up for the tour.

Departure Time

  • 8:00 AM

What To Bring

  • Sunscreen cream

  • Walking shoe/Sandals

  • Sunglasses


DAY 1 PHONG NHA TO KHE SANH We start the first day of our motorbike adventure from the hotel where you stay in Phong Nha, riding out into the pristine jungles that encompass the World Heritage Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. An amazing motorbike adventure! We strike through a number of significant locations where the bulk of North Vietnam’s soldiers and trucks crossed into Laos during the Vietnam War. After lunch, we resume back our bike ride along the west of Ho Chi Minh Trail, through magnificent mountain passes and old-grown jungles. Today's motorbike journey is like a dream comes true for adventurers. We pass many isolated ethnic minority villages where you could experience the daily life of the locals - "the real Vietnam" that you don't see every day in your life. We arrive at Khe Sanh - the site of the former U.S Marine base and location of the famous siege that precluded the Tet Offensive in 1968. Check-in our hotel and stay overnight.

DAY 2 KHE SANH TO HUE After a visit to the fascinating Khe Sanh Combat Base, Ta Con Airfield, and Khe Sanh Museum, we descend towards the coast. On the way, we take time to visit the historic Hien Luong Bridge, 17th Parallel which used to divide South and North Vietnam into 2 countries, the former DMZ and Vinh Moc Tunnels. It's an underground tunnel network that's used to be home to thousands of villagers during the Vietnam War. We continue our day riding along the peaceful flat country roads and the stunning Tam Giang Lagoon to get to the Imperial City of Hue, which lies along the banks of the Perfume River. We arrive at our hotel before sunset, check-in, and stay overnight.

DAY 3 HUE TO HOI AN After breakfast, we jump back on our motorbike and head east along the scenic coastal road. We ride through the small country back roads to reach to the fishing villages where you could experience what the locals doing for a living. We stop to dip our toes into the sea, chat with fishermen and have some great rural life photos. Reaching the base of the mountain you’ll happen upon a stretch of pristine coastline of Lang Co Peninsula. We continue our day by visiting Elephant Springs and make sure you have your camera handy as there are many photo opportunities at this site. You might want to jump into the beautiful natural lake at the bottom of the springs to refresh your body after a long ride. We head south and climb up Hai Van Mountain Pass (also known as Vietnam Top Gear Pass), winding higher into the often cloud-shrouded skies. At the top, we take a break and witness the spectacular views of Vietnam's most scenic spots. We then continue to ride to Marble Mountain to encounter the beautiful scenery of the region and panoramic view of Da Nang City. Tra Que Vegetable Village is also well worth paying a visit before cruising into Hoi An ancient town in the late afternoon, to our hotel, check-in, and explore this picturesque town on foot.

DAY 4 HOI AN TO KHAM DUC After breakfast, we start another exciting motorbike tour by riding through rural roads, passing through the beautiful rice fields and isolated villages. We have plenty of time to stop at the local villages where you learn how they make incenses, baskets, and rice papers. We'll then head to My Son Holyland where we take our time to explore the ruins of ancient Cham Towers and learn about their unique history and culture. We begin the afternoon winding the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail with spectacular views and stunning old-grown forests. We get to Kham Duc at about 05:00 pm, check-in, and stay overnight.

DAY 5 KHAM DUC TO KON TUM Rise and shine for day 5 with Easy Riders Vietnam. We say goodbye to our lovely host and resume our motorbike ride along the Ho Chi Minh Trail, through the lush green rainforests and outstanding mountain passes. Taking a refreshing dip in the mountain waterfall to cool your body in the humid weather of Eastern Truong Son Range is remarkable fun. The historic sites including Charlie Hill, Phoenix Airport, Dak To - Tan Canh Battle Fields are well worth paying a visit to understand more about the Vietnam War and our history. We arrive at the hotel about 05:00 pm, check-in and stay overnight

DAY 6 KON TUM TO CHU SE After breakfast at our resort, we take time to visit and enjoy the interesting architecture of the old Wooden Church which was built by the French over a century ago. We'll then come and share our love for the adorable children at Vinh Son Orphanage. We set out from Kon Tum for Kon Ktu village where the Bana hill tribe's culture and tradition remaining untouched by time making this isolated and surprisingly beautiful region home to one of the most authentic minorities to remain in Vietnam. We continue our motorbike ride through the stunningly winding roads along with the remote village of the highlands and enjoy the breath-taking tea plantation. We'll then stop to visit the beautiful “Pearl of Pleiku Plateau”, Sea Lake, which used to be a volcanic crater that went extinct a million years ago. You would be surprised by the cool air, the beautiful and peaceful landscape of greenish pine trees and curvy roads, terraced fields on mountains. Ride to Chu Se and check in the resort that’s next to the peacefully beautiful lake. Stay overnight.

DAY 7 CHU SE TO BUON ME THUOT Ride along the old Ho Chi Minh Trail, the drive leads us due south through the remote backcountry roads. We take a break and visit Ede ethnic minority village where the locals are enthusiastically welcome. We'll head to Dray Sap Waterfall via the scenic winding jungle paths. This is a perfect place for a refreshing dip into the natural “Fairy Pool” after a hot but fascinating day riding motorbike

DAY 8 BUON ME THUOT TO LAK LAKE Simply amazing is the only way to describe the day today, riding along the twisty mountain roads, learning how the locals making rice noodles, processing coffee in their traditional way. We get a great opportunity to trek to the peak of Elephant Rock Mountain where the panoramic view of the region is incredibly fantastic. We have some beautiful shots before our last stretch of today's journey, but the adventures and experiences are not over yet! We ride along with the lush green rice fields, rustic villages and enjoy the smiling faces of the locals coming home from their fields. We arrive at our beautiful hotel that faces the natural lake in the early evening, check-in, and stay overnight.

DAY 9 LAK LAKE TO DA LAT Awake to the sounds of the rural village, enjoy breakfast and a cup of coffee as you watch the morning activities of the M'nong Ethnic Minorities, heading to the fields or rowing their wooden boats to fish on the lake. We say goodbye to our hosts and jump back on our motorbikes for our trip to Dalat. Our route leads us through the stunning remote countryside and rugged mountain roads. Our break is a visit to K'Ho Ethnic Minority Village to discover their culture and tradition. We wind our way up to Dalat around 05:00 pm after exploring the mysterious temple, Truc Lam.

DAY 10 DA LAT Dalat locates on Lang Bian Plateau, Southern parts of Vietnam, at 1.500 meters above from sea level. Da Lat is famous for its beautiful weather (which is from 16 to 22 degrees Celcius all year round), lush green pine forests with twisty roads, stunning landscape, and rich cultural diversity of ethnic minority groups. The architecture of Dalat also was affected by the French/European style so it would give you a strange feeling like walking in splendid Paris. We have a free day today to explore this magnificent mountain city of Vietnam, enjoy the best of Dalat has to offer and recover our energy after 9 days of riding a motorcycle.

DAY 11 DA LAT TO BAO LOC We start another exciting day by visiting the highlights of Dalat, including Crazy House, Dragon Pagoda, Former Railway Station, Elephant Waterfall, and Pongour Waterfall. After lunch, we then head to Di Linh Plateau, through scenic curvy roads, where we stop at the local villages to learn how they cultivate many goods on their lands, such as flowers, coffee, tea, mushrooms, and vegetables.

DAY 12 BAO LOC TO MUI NE We leave Bao Loc in the early morning as we enjoy the ride through the stunning landscape of the tea plantations. Visit the highest waterfall in Vietnam, Dambri before getting back on the bike and riding to Da Mi Hydro Electricity where you can enjoy the magnificent view from the summit of the mountain. We stop at the local village where to learn how they process cashew nuts. Then visit the K’ho ethnic minority village and learn more about the rural life of the highlanders. We continue traveling to Luong Son and visit the highlights of the Mui Ne area such as the White and Red Sand Dunes, Fairy Springs, and Fishing Village, before arriving at the hotel around 5 pm. Check-in and stay overnight.

DAY 13 MUI NE TO LONG HAI We visit the colorful fishing market in the morning and then stop by the Champa Towers to learn about the Cham people and their unique culture. We continue traveling to the countryside of Binh Thuan where you may be able to experience how the locals plant dragon fruits and you might even want to try it for yourself. Head back on the road and enjoy the stunning ride through the beautiful coastline to Ke Ga. We will then take a walk along this scenic landscape to have some great photo opportunities and visit the oldest lighthouse in South East Asia. We will arrive in Long Hai Beach after visiting the Minh Dam Army Base to learn more about V.C soldiers as well as the war. Check-in and stay overnight We can take a walk along this beautiful quiet beach at night and try some of the best BBQ seafood on the seaside.

DAY 14 LONG HAI TO SAI GON Rise and shine, it’s time to set off on the final day of our Easy Rider Tour. We resume our bike ride to Long Hai Port where you'll experience the locals collecting fish or trading seafood. Hop back on the bike, get the wind in your hair and enjoy the amazing ride along this twisty coastline to Ho Coc beach and Binh Chau Hot Water Springs. We take a break at the vast green rubber plantations and experience how the locals collect latex from rubber trees. We'll then take a ferry to cross the Saigon River, arriving at the hotel of your choice at about 04:00 pm, and ending your motorbike tour with Easy Riders Vietnam.

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