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EXPAT LIFE: An Expat's Guide to Living in Da Lat, Vietnam with dalat easy rider

Da Lat, which is surrounded by mountains, pine forests, lakes, and farms, is ideal for people who enjoy being outside and exploring.

If you dislike living in large cities or hot, tropical weather, the city is also a great place to call home.

Some pointers for beginners in this tutorial. You'll discover helpful details to get ready for your new life in Da Lat, such how much it costs to live there, where to get housing and employment, and other helpful hints.

The Da Lat cost of living

Lets dalat easy rider hepl you : Da Lat has a lower cost of living than other Vietnamese cities. In this lovely city, two people can live comfortably for less than $1000 a month.

If you eat out, you should budget between $1 and $2 per dish for street food and $5 to $10 for restaurant meals. To find the best locations to sample, check out my guide on Da Lat food.

This is an overview of the price for two people:

$300 for a one- or two-bedroom rental unit with TV, cable, and internet

$20 for electricity

Water and gas: $5

$5 for a prepaid cell phone plan

Food is: $150

Transportation (gas and a rented motorcycle): $100

$300 for entertainment (dining out and drinking)

Housekeeper (two weekly cleanings): $40

Total for the month: $920

How to locate lodging in Da Lat

If you plan to stay for less than a month, you should reserve your apartments through and Airbnb.

For extended stays, you'll reserve a hotel room for a few days and, prior to moving in, look through available apartments.

You can look for rooms and ask questions on the Da Lat group of expats. Reaching out to hosts on Airbnb to find out if they have any attractive offers for extended stays is also helpful.

In Da Lat, the monthly cost of a one-bedroom apartment ranges from 4.5 to 6.5 million VND, and a two-bedroom studio can reach up to 10 million VND.

When looking for an apartment in Da Lat, Vietnam, we're recommend

Find out if the internet, water, power, and room cleaning are included in your rent.

As soon as you move in, take pictures of the amenities.

Request a contract or a payment receipt if at all possible.

Request that the hotel manager or landlord properly register you with the local police.

Top localities in Da Lat

Wards 1, 2, and 6 are wonderful options if you love the ease of wandering around and going to the center.

Wards 3 and 4 are also somewhat near to the town, less congested, and nevertheless rather handy.

Additionally, I think that the ward 9 neighborhood around the Da Lat train station is peaceful and beautiful, and it's easy to go for a morning run in the nearby Xuan Huong Lake.

Shopping in Da Lat: The largest supermarket in Da Lat, Go!, is where you can get food and necessities.

It offers what you require at reasonable costs. A wide range of products are available, including vegetables, meat, kitchenware, nutritional supplements, etc. If you reside within 5 kilometers, you can also order using the GO! or Zalo apps and receive free delivery.

My go-to places are also Bach Hoa Xanh and tiny convenience stores. Purchasing fresh meat and veggies from a nearby market is an additional option. In comparison to the supermarket, we discover that the costs are not all that different.

Daily lifestyle in Da Lat

The climate

Da Lat its cool and nice weather. As in other Central Highlands provinces, Da Lat's climate is biseasonal, with temperatures ranging from 12 to 26 degrees.

Da Lat has a good climate during the dry season. It's going to be a little cool at night, but the day is sunny. You can get ready for an evening stroll by dressing in summer clothing and a light jacket.

In contrast, Da Lat experiences very different weather from mid-May to October, which is known as the rainy season. The weather in Dalat is highly changeable at this time of year; it can be sunny one moment and then pouring rain the next.

The flow of traffic

Weekday traffic bottlenecks are rare, however weekends can see a little bit more traffic. We usually steer clear of the center on Friday and Sunday because of the heavy traffic and large number of tourist buses along the route.Dalat now has lights for traffic.


In Da Lat, jobs in the tourism industry predominate. In Da Lat, the most popular jobs are:

Front desk employee

Chef Waiter/waitress

Cleaning and Gardener

It's also possible to try looking for work in English-language centers.

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